How are we protecting you and your families?

Freedom Air maintains an updated sanitisation and travel program receiving daily updates from organisations such as, the World Health Organization (WHO), International Air Transport Association (IATA), the Center for disease control and protection (CDC) and international government health departments.

Less is more

Freedom Air has put in a place a safety standard checklist reducing your immediate contact with personnel to less than 10 on every flight you take.  Our door-to-door service provides extra peace of mind, learn more about the benefits you can enjoy here.

Staff at the private terminals checking you in for your flight will be wearing masks, and hand cleaning antibacterial products will be on site for your use.  We ensure that your travel documents are not handled as we will request from you and forward copies to the relevant authorities prior to your flight.

All our crews are temperature checked daily and will remain a safe distance from you and will wear masks throughout your flight.


Aircraft are deep cleaned using Bacoban ™ or Microshield 360 ™ sanitisation products.   These products are used throughout the aircraft on all surfaces and afford a 10 day protection period.

Prior to your flight

Before you embark on your journey a detailed hygiene programme is followed and monitored ensuring that the aircraft you travel on has been thoroughly sterilized prior to your boarding with antimicrobial and antibacterial products.

On board

All crews will wear masks and where a flight attendant is on board strict hygiene protocols are followed in accordance with regulatory guidelines.

Your Catering receives the same consideration

We undertake procedural checks on our catering suppliers ensuring their hygiene standards which are second to none are further enhanced with minimal staff contact in sourcing, preparing and packing before they are delivered to your aircraft.  We frequently evaluate their procedures and hygiene certifications and prior to each order and delivery we undertake additional screening checks.

Your luggage

We also ensure that your luggage handles and surfaces are also cleansed on arrival before they are passed to you.  Our door-to-door service offers a stress-free travel experience, see the benefits you can enjoy here.

Passenger wellness

We ask that passengers complete a health declaration 24 hours prior to travel.  The flight crews we work with are required to follow this standard.

Peace of mind door-to-door experience

Freedom Air provides a door-to-door chauffeur service which meets the same exacting safety standards as the aircraft operators we work with. Learn more about the benefits you can enjoy here.