Empty leg jet charter provides you an easy way to fly. Chartering a private jet provides a convenient and affordable way to travel.

Whether you are chartering a private jet for a business trip or for a holiday, the process can be very  simple and seamless.

Chartering a private jet provides an affordable alternative to flying mass market travel.

You can travel from your local airport to your destination of your choice.

Point to point flying avoids having to connect through airports and avoids lengthy road journeys.

Avoiding main terminals at airports and having your own private check-in with as little as 10 minutes notice through a private terminal.

Private terminals provide you with security, privacy and a swift transition through to your aircraft.

One of the benefits you can enjoy with a private jet, you can enjoy catering which you choose.

Your own flight attendant can travel on board and provide a first class service.

Aircraft often have wi-fi, IPod docking stations, DVD and CD players.

Empty leg private jet charter provides not only an affordable but convenient way to fly.

Aircraft often have office and galley facilities which allow food preparation and the ability to work.

By converting seats into beds you can sleep on the aircraft.

By booking a one way flight an empty leg is created, this is because the aircraft has to fly to another airport.

Many private jets have a toilet and bathroom on the aircraft.

Aircraft often have electric charging points for portable devices.

Flying on an empty leg offers the traveler a large saving on a full charter price.

Flying by private aircraft makes flying a far less stressful experience, and you can enjoy the benefits of your own private cabin.

Private jet charter is a safe and secure way to fly, saving you valuable time and money.

Flying on an empty leg provides a big cost saving and this is important as the cost has already been paid for.

Many passengers benefit from sleeping on the aircraft so they wake up refreshed.

Direct flights to destinations are often not available with airlines, however flying by private jet you can reach more destinations.

Using a empty leg fills a gap in the market for a flight which would otherwise fly empty.

You can enjoy the experience of chartering a private jet in addition to saving money and time for instance.

The benefit with chartering a private jet it can save you time and money especially on a short flight.

Flying by private jet is very easy to arrange in contrast to the belief it is not.