Tips for luxury travel

Freedom Air is known for its excellent customer care. But here are some extra tips for luxury travel to help you get the most from your break.

Before you book / travel

Decide where your priorities lay. Is your taste geared towards in-flight luxury? Or once in a lifetime experiences? Or is your accommodation your priority? If you let Fly Freedom Air know what your tastes are, we can provide the perfect break for you.

Target high quality destinations where luxury is a given. Places such as St Barts, Dubai and Mauritius take luxury more seriously than Costa del Basic (although of course there are gems everywhere).

When visiting a place you’ve not been to previously, speak to us. We can recommend the must-see places as well as hidden gems that you may not otherwise discover.

Many destinations requite you to have a buffer on your passport, usually six months, remaining on your passport, so make sure you renew in plenty of time.

At your destination

Is jet-lag an issue for you? Upon arriving at your destination, stay awake until bedtime in that timezone and then enjoy a relaxed full night’s sleep. You’ll adapt much faster and be ready to enjoy your new surroundings on day two without feeling too lethargic.

Grab a business card from your hotel and keep it in your purse/wallet. This is a foolroof way to enable your taxi driver to return you safely, while avoiding any language barrier issues. Of course it’s only polite to at least learn how to say “Please” and “Thank You” in the local lingo.

Food is a major part of most people’s travel. For authentic and good quality food, follow the locals. If there is a fast turnaround then the food is more likel to be fresh. Remember also that lucnh is often a more important meal than dinner – especially in Mediterranean countries such as Spain and Italy. There may be more choice available to you.

Planning a spending spree? Inform your bank or credit card supplier so they don’t block you for unusual activity while you are away. Be sure to make a note of their international customer service number too.

Staying safe

Never travel without insurance. You can’t put a price on that peace of mind. We can help find you the best deal for your trip. Just ask!

When buying a new camera or smartphone, or even just swapping your memory card – take a quick selfie. If your camera is stolen, a selfie is a great way to prove ownership at a later date.

Take a photocopy, scan or photograph of your passport (the relevant page with your details – not just the front cover!) with you when you travel and email a copy to yourself.

Never ever put your full name and address on your luggage tags. That’s a sure fire way of letting thieves know that your house is going to be unoccupied. Just put a postcode or phone number

Keep a record of your embassy contact information to hand… and of course our details too!