Is it strange to introduce safety in this manner?

No, and here’s why:


Safety is no accident is an axiom synonymous with aviation over many decades, it is the foundation which continues to be at the forefront of advancement in our industry.

It is this same foundation we have built our business on. Every airline has to operate under a stringent and audited set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), safety regulations and training, and we have adopted this same culture in Freedom Air since inception; safety, knowledge, experience and development.

We undertake a series of audits to evaluate an operators’ credentials before we consider utilizing their aircraft. All the operators we work with must hold an Aircraft Operators Certificate (AOC) in their country of registration. An AOC is only issued by the Aviation governing department after many months of evaluation has taken place to ensure that the operator, its personnel and procedures meet strict legislative, training, maintenance and safety criteria in order to transport passengers and goods.

We work with operators who have been assessed and certificated by ARg/US and Wyvern in the USA who maintain a safety audit system which surpasses the legal requirements to be an AOC holder.

We undertake our own Aircraft Operator Standards Audit (AOSA) 20 step safety audit on operators which further exceed AOC requirements for Europe (EASA) and the governing departments in each country we arrange public transport charters. On site inspections of procedures, records, personnel and aircraft are regularly undertaken by the aviation governing departments to ensure that legal and safety compliance is being maintained.

AOSA is our own safety management system which provides a further safety net, where we undertake personnel record checks on pilots and maintenance staff, including pilot simulator proficiency and “line flying” checks allied with detailed aircraft maintenance record inspection and aircraft history. Our staff are trained on safety and risk management assessment and maintaining upto date and ‘live’ feed information ensures we deliver on this.

All the pilots we work with must hold an Airline Transport Pilots Licence (ATPL) and have a minimum of 1500 hours total time flying experience on fixed wing aircraft, and as part of their licence and aircraft type rating requirements must undertake simulator and flight currency checks by an authorized flight examiner every six months. Aircrew must also hold a 1st Class medical certificate which pilots have to renew every 12 months under the age of 40 and every 6 months over the age of 40.

All the operators we work with must hold a minimum of $100 million USD CSL (Combined Single limit) 3rd party, passenger and aircraft liability insurance.

Our family approved comfort program ™ ensures that the procedures we have in place attest “if we are prepared to fly our own families with an operator then we are happy to fly yours”.