St Paul’s Cathedral, Londonlksjdfslfjlsajladksfj

London’s skyline is all about shock and awe. Blots on the landscape are conspicuous by their absence. Meaning that buildings stand out for all the right reasons, and none more so than St. Paul’s Cathedral in the heart of the city. There’s severely restricted street parking near central London’s St.Paul’s Cathedral, making public transport a … Continued

Visiting London – West Endlksjdfslfjlsajladksfj

London’s West End is the main commercial and entertainment centre of the city with a plethora of shops, theatres, businesses and more. The area encompasses London’s entertainment district around Leicester Square and Covent Garden, the shopping areas along Oxford Street, Regent Street, and Bond Street and the city centre area to the west of the … Continued

London shopping – Savile Rowlksjdfslfjlsajladksfj

Nowhere in the world oozes more male fashion style than Savile Row in London. This is where any self-respecting man should avail himself of a tailormade suit. The term “bespoke” as applied to fine tailoring is understood to have originated in Savile Row, and came to mean a suit cut and made by hand… or … Continued

Shopping in London – Harrodslksjdfslfjlsajladksfj

There are few logos more well known in London than that of Harrods, one of London’s most iconic stores. Much more than a shop, Harrods is a feast for the senses. Owned by the Qatari Royal Family since 2010, it was originally established by Charles Henry Harrod in 1849. Harrods is located at 87 to … Continued

Museums in Londonlksjdfslfjlsajladksfj

There are many museums in London, but today we look at a sprinkling of them – those that should be included during your itinerary. Madame Tussauds Madamme Tussauds is all about fun. The home of waxworks in the UK, the premises holds wax images of hundreds of fmaous faces – past and present. Be photographed … Continued

London Eye: Reinventing the Wheellksjdfslfjlsajladksfj

Looking for London 360? Waterloo’s London Eye offers a panoramic view of the UK capital. As you ascend, the city gets smaller but the view gets bigger. Before you descend for your close-up. Open since March 2000, the London Eye has established itself as one of the capital’s leading tourist attractions. You can easily reach … Continued

Visiting London – Piccadilly Circuslksjdfslfjlsajladksfj

Piccadilly Circus is probably one of London’s most iconic and most photographed sites. Consider this area as a meeting point with great access to other areas but with no circus acts. The area wasn’t always known as Piccadilly. It was originally named Portugal Street, after Charles II’s wife Catherine of Braganza’s home country of erm… … Continued

Buckingham Palacelksjdfslfjlsajladksfj

Buckingham Palace is one of those buildings that every visitors to London should explore at least once. The core of the Royal Family residences, it is located in London’s Westminster. The official residence of Queen Elizabeth II, the palace is the host to many a royal occasion and it is here that Britain’s attention is … Continued

Tower of London: The UK capital’s Tower of Powerlksjdfslfjlsajladksfj

After a London that’s less about the high rise and more about the lower level? Step back in time at the Tower of London. This is very much on the tourist map. Swap this millennium for the last one on a historical rollercoaster. The Tower of London is easily accessible by London Underground, train, bike, … Continued

Kew Gardens: Green Londonlksjdfslfjlsajladksfj

Want a break from the bustle and hustle of the capital’s streets? Then beat a retreat to the wide, open spaces of Kew Gardens. Where you can navigate the botanical displays and more at your own pace. There’s a lack of parking options close to south-west London’s Kew Gardens, so they’re best reached by public … Continued